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John and Irene Frouws

John and Irene Frouws

Community Impact Fund allows John and Irene Frouws to support Southwestern Alberta forever

Both John and Irene Frouws experienced poverty during the Great Depression, as well as a prolonged separation from each other during WWII. Although he was offered an excellent position in Europe following the war, John couldn’t wait to return to his beloved Irene and Southwestern Alberta.

Despite adversity, John and Irene were optimists, and by working hard, their lives gradually began to improve. While raising two children and living modestly, they still found time to give back. John and Irene expressed their love for their community through volunteer work and financial contributions to local organizations and charities.

Not only did they care about the local people, they also loved and respected the land. Over the years John and Irene enjoyed many coulee climbs, looking for saskatoons. They were also avid gardeners and they won Canada’s Best Veterans’ Vegetable and Flower Garden trophy for five consecutive years.

John and Irene left a significant portion of their estate to the Community Foundation in the hopes that their contribution will be used to support the areas of greatest need, now and in the future.