The Community Foundation offers a variety of flexible ways for you to give back to your community.


The Community Foundation gratefully accepts gifts from anyone who wishes to support the community through our work.

You can make a donation to any of the Community Foundation's endowment funds, and your gift will help maintain a consistent level of charitable support provided by that fund. Donations of $20 or more are eligible for a tax-deductible donation receipt.

You may also make a donation in person at the Community Foundation office. For in-person contributions, we accept cash, cheque, or credit card.

How can I support the Community Foundation today?

The Community Foundation accepts online donations using the charitable giving platform CanadaHelps. Tax-deductible donation receipts for gifts made using this method are issued by CanadaHelps. Click here to make a donation today. 

If you're looking for a way to establish your legacy, please read on to learn about our many fund options.

Endowment Fund Options

Endowment funds are permanently invested gifts that provide lasting support for charitable organizations throughout Southwestern Alberta and beyond. 

Thinking about your legacy? The Community Foundation offers a simple, effective way to provide lasting support for the causes and organizations that are close to your heart. Consider an endowment fund your charitable bank account. Through our professionally managed investment portfolio, your fund will generate income that you can use to award grants to the charity or charities working to advance the causes that are important to you.

Fund Types

How your endowment fund supports the causes and organizations that you are passionate about is entirely up to you. You can name your endowment fund anything you'd like—name it in tribute of a loved one, to honour someone special, or even name it after yourself.

Donor-Advised Fund

Annually, you decide which charity or charities you want your fund to support, and the Community Foundation will grant from your fund accordingly.

Donor-Designated Fund

You choose which charity or charities you want to support when you establish your fund. Based on your wishes, the Community Foundation will automatically grant annually to the charity or charities selected.

Field of Interest Fund

When you establish your fund, you may choose an area of interest that you want to support—a specific age group, a geographical location, or an issue that is important to you. The Community Foundation will grant to organizations from the chosen field.

Scholarship Fund

You choose the institution, criteria, subject, or type of student to support through the creation of an annual scholarship.

Providing Support for Charitable Organizations

Charity Support Funds

Charity Support Funds are endowments that help to provide long-term financial support for a charitable organization. This type of fund can be established with a gift to the Community Foundation from a charity or a private donor, and enables any donor to make additional contributions to the fund. Charities in good standing receive an annual grant from the fund, which provides a regular source of operational income to support the charity's mission, mandate, or programming.

Gifts to all Charity Support Funds are gratefully accepted by the Community Foundation on behalf of the charity, and are eligible for a tax-deductible donation receipt.

Make a Difference

The Community Foundation has 27 Charity Support Funds in place. View the list here. 

If you are interested in learning more about establishing a Charity Support Fund for your charity, or on a charity's behalf, please contact us today.

"We make a living by what we get . . . but we make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill

Professional Advisors

We make it easy to give

For information when speaking with clients who are considering charitable giving options, please visit the links below. The Donation Calculator will show you the best ways to give to maximize both the philanthropic impact and tax benefits of a donation. The Professional Advisors eResource, prepared by Community Foundations of Canada, offers information about charitable giving and Canadian community foundations.

Please use "Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta" when referring to this organization in official legal documentation.

For further details or to arrange a meeting, please contact the Community Foundation Office using the information provided at the bottom of the page.

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